Since the genesis of the VectorChat project on December 19th, 2023, the goals and ambitions of both the project and the $CHAT coin have evolved and grown exponentially over time.

Beta period

Phase 1

  • Focused on creating fundamental, real demand for the $CHAT inference protocol.

  • Developed the VectorChat beta using advanced Retrieval-Augmented Generation technology, enhancing character-based interactions:

    • Enabled characters with effectively infinite memory, significantly surpassing competition.

    • Enabled the creation of characters with detailed control over their mannerisms or knowledge, providing both utility and entertainment.

    • Demonstrated strong user engagement, as many users fully took advantage of the beta allocation of 500,000 tokens per character.

  • Defined the division of VectorChat project into "web2" and "web3" to better address the differing needs of each audience.

  • Designed and developed Toffee, a character-based conversational AI platform aimed at web2 users, with a serious commitment to be the premier conversational AI platform. Learn more here.


Phase 2

The current phase, kicked off with the development of the Chunking Subnet on the Bittensor Protocol.

  • Expansion of the VectorChat team, enabling simultaneous development of both web2 and web3 components.

  • The web3 component of the VectorChat project is organized into divisions that collaborate towards the goal of achieving a truly decentralized inference protocol. The $CHAT token will have utility in all divisions.

  • The launch of Toffee, targeting product-market fit through high utility, relatability, and ease-of-use

  • The launch of the Chunking Subnet and associated site, enabling the highest quality retrieval Augmented-Generation through a critical aspect of preprocessing data.

  • The creation of further divisions in various fields of artificial intelligence

Protocol Development

Phase 3

The ultimate state of the $CHAT token: a truly decentralized protocol that incentivizes everyone to create and use permissionless, uncensored AI, opening the door to far more demand.





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