CHAT Token


The native token of the VectorChat project, $CHAT enables the creation of incentivized decentralized intelligence and adjacent tasks designed to exceed that of centralized AIs.

In its current phase, as the VectorChat project expands our network of decentralized AI, the $CHAT coin gains utility by incentivizing and accessing the bandwidth of our decentralized solutions, such as the Chunking Subnet.

Access to Chunking Subnet Bandwidth

While the Chunking Subnet remains under development, the initial access mechanism is that the $CHAT token shall have direct access to the bandwidth controlled by our validator. This becomes especially pronounced after BIT001, as validation will require a direct stake in the subnet itself instead of simply in $TAO.

The proportion of bandwidth available to a $CHAT staker, in other words the amount of requests they can send in a given interval, will be based on the relative amount of $CHAT staked when compared with other stakers.

When not in use by the staker, and when VectorChat requires additional bandwidth, VectorChat will compensate stakers by paying a set percentage of the market rate–defined as the average fee paid to other validators via other mechanisms. This percentage is yet to be determined.

Token Metrics

The current token metrics of the $CHAT token, as reported by CoinGecko.

Circulating Supply


Maximum Supply




Market Cap


Total Market Cap


Volume (24 hours)



The tokenomics of the $CHAT token from launch, December 19, 2023. There is a speculation buy and sell tax of 5%.


What is the maximum and circulating supply of $CHAT?

What is the Community Allocation?

What is the unlock schedule for the Community Allocation?

What is the unlock schedule for the Team Allocation?





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